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The Unpunctured Being

The Unpunctured Being: Vedic Wisdom for Sovereignty in Life is a transformative memoir that unveils the journey from the entanglements of modern living to attaining self-empowerment and sovereignty. Read More...

It chronicles the author's experiences of being ensnared by progressive culture for decades, only to realise the toll it took on her inner well-being. In a moment of inspiration, with all aspects of her life in disarray, she turned to the timeless wisdom of the Vedic culture. Through embracing the Vedic lifestyle, she found her fragmented life coming together, enabling her to live with empowerment and experience the fulfilment that comes from sovereignty.

This poignant and relevant book delves into each segment of the Wheel of Life—personal growth, love and relationships, health, physical environment, wealth and finance, fun and recreation, friends and family, and education and career—and compares the contemporary cultural approach to the timeless Vedic teachings. By doing so, it empowers readers to consciously address disempowerment and take full control of their lives. Read Less...

The Unpunctured Being - A Book By Ragini Annan
Ragini Annan

About The Author

Ragini Annan is a global trailblazer with a remarkable 23-year career in IT, spanning across countries and continents. Her journey didn’t stop there, however. Stepping off the corporate ladder, Ragini embraced her true calling and emerged as a self-care activist, naturopathic doctor and NLP master coach. Read More...

With an array of talents, including being an author, poet, educator and co-director of a prestigious London-based retail consultancy, Ragini embodies versatility and wears many hats.

Driven by a deep-rooted desire to make a positive impact, Ragini's mission is to support individuals at every level of existence. Her expertise extends beyond borders, as she successfully managed two top-rated home stay establishments in West London, hosting and nurturing over 400 executives and students from around the world while helping them learn English and engage in a Vedic lifestyle. Currently, Ragini is focused on constructing a property on the banks of the Narmada River, envisioning a Vedic lifestyle eco-system that fosters harmony with nature.

Ragini's awareness of Vedic knowledge shines through her work, "Radhika and the Seeds". Additionally, she is set to release a series of transformative books, including "The Unpunctured Being,” "Vegetarian Lifestyle Setup," and "The Eternal Dance of Light on Dark Poems," in which she hopes to captivate readers with her profound insights.

Through her personal journey of overcoming family and health challenges, Ragini experienced a powerful realisation. She understood that true health and inner peace are not solitary pursuits but are cultivated through authentic connections with others and by serving those around us in every moment.

Delving deep into her own being, Ragini discovered that conscious living and a departure from progressive lifestyles are the keys to finding solutions to any problem. Her wisdom and understanding have ignited a passion within her to guide others towards a holistic and transformative existence.

With twenty years of dedicated study and practice in Vedic wisdom with world-renowned masters, Ragini Annan holds an in-depth understanding of the ancient teachings and their practical applications in today's world. Her extensive research and personal immersion in this profound knowledge give her a deep insight into its relevance and transformative power.

Ragini Annan's expertise in inward looking Vedic techniques has been honed through years of personal practice and guiding countless individuals on their spiritual journeys. Her ability to make these techniques accessible and relevant to modern life sets her apart as an authority in the field.

Having hosted many adult professional students, Ragini Annan has directly influenced the lives of many seekers, empowering them to find inner peace, purpose and fulfilment. Her teachings have resonated with diverse audiences, transcending cultural and religious backgrounds.

In addition to her academic achievements and professional credentials, Ragini Annan brings a compassionate and nurturing approach to her work, fostering a safe and uplifting space for individuals to explore and grow. Alongside her work, Ragini enjoys spending time with her husband Scott and daughter Sachi. Although Ragini is based in West London, she spends much of her time travelling extensively all over the world with Scott. She is an integral part of Scott’s consulting business and also spends her time developing properties, the most current of which is in India. Ragini is also an excellent cook and spends many hours a week cooking and sharing her delicious vegetarian food with her nearest and dearest.

Join Ragini Annan on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and empowerment, as she shares her invaluable insights and principles for conscious living. Embrace a life driven by purpose, connection and vibrant well-being under her expert guidance. Read Less...

Ragini Annan

Entrepreneur, Naturopathic Doctor, NLP Master Coach, Author, Poet & Educator

Globetrotter at the centre of the tech revolution

A woman who progressed from being a childhood runaway to a globetrotter at the centre of the tech revolution of the 1980s will tell her story at one of the standout events of this year’s Humber Business Week.

Ragini Annan will also reveal how she immersed herself in the traditions of the Vedic religion and culture as she battled to recover from a series of personal and professional crashes during the 1990s.

Her attendance at the “Awesome Women” Elevenses session with Biz Week founder and Chair of Sewell Group Paul Sewell is likely to be one of the hottest tickets at a festival of business which this year marks its 20th anniversary. Read More…

IAA Author Awards

On 10th of December 2023, Ragini Annan received the India Academy Author’s Award in Mumbai, India. Her mentor, Sweta Samota, has been an asset for Ragini throughout her book publishing journey and continues to be coached by Sweta from within her Diamond programme.

Radhika and the Seeds

A Parable of Hindu Gods: Volume 1
(Radhika’s Wisdom of Hindu Gods)

‘Education and entertainment in a well-drawn, appealing first look into a major world religion.’ Kirkus Indie.
Radhika and the Seeds: A Parable of Hindu Gods - A Book By Ragini Annan
Under Development

Digital Training Programmes

We are busy creating supplementary digital programmes to take the principles covered in The Unpunctured Being for self-empowerment and personal sovereignty to the next level. We are very excited to be able to bring you such impactful and life changing tools.

Just as we see that the health industry is about outsourcing health to an external force, so is the self-help industry. it is built on disempowering the self and outsourcing your mental, emotional and spiritual health to external sources. Here we are going to learn to take our power back. We will wear our own crowns and develop fulfilled Wheel of Life segments. We will be fully empowered and fulfilled.

We will finally, empower our inner being, step off all the pointless doing, move out of enslavement and expand our conscious living. I am a self-experimenter of these principles and can show you how I went from what I say in the book to where I am now, an authentic, integrated being.

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